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Founded in 2013, the Gboko Polytechnic, Gboko has provided qualitative and research-oriented education to Nigerians and all those who have entered its domain in search of knowledge. At its inception, the Polytechnic was empowered to produce a professional workforce that would steer the political, social and economic development of a newly independent country.

The Polytechnic has built a legacy of academic excellence

Gboko Polytechnic is institution with distinction and exceptional qualities

Location: Its is located on Captain Dawnes Road that begins from Bristow Roundabout to Yandev Junction in pleasant surroundings.

20160215212745Gboko Polytechnic is an APPROVED and FULLY LICENSED higher institution by  the Federal Ministry of Education and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE); vastly promoted by Elder Benjamin H. Achiatar (Ph.D), who has manifested interest in Tertiary Education and is himself a holder of Doctorate Degree in Accounting and Finance. He has extensive experience in financial management at the highest level in both the private and public sectors and is a lecturer in the polytechnic.

The Polytechnic has strong support from Professor Bem Angwe, a distinguished Nigerian and learned professor who is one of the founders.

The Rector is Engr. Samuel Tar Iyornumbe, a renowned Engineer best known for his immense contribution to the growth of Benue Cement Company (BCC), Gboko on an administrative and technical level. He is ably assisted by Mrs Esther M. Iorliam; an experienced educationist as the Registrar as well as Engr. Fanen Abagu as the Principal Academic Registrar (PAR). Our lecturers and technologists are very well experienced and qualified professionals while our laboratories and workshops are fully equipped all to produce highly skilled graduates. The students are also given entrepreneurial training to aid in future self employment where necessary. Gboko Polytechnic offeres both full and part time courses in:

20160215212742 (6)Engineering;

Applied Science;



Business & Management;


et al:

On Certificate, National Diploma and Higher National Diploma Levels


  1. Elder Benjamin Haanongun Achiatar Ph.D – Chairman
  2. Bem Angwe                                                         – Member
  3. Samuel Tar Iyornumbe – Ag Rector             – Member
  4. John I. Sar – Rep. Academic Board              – Member
  5. Esther Abari                                                      – Member
  6. Betty T. Ikyase                                                  – Member
  7. Geoffery U. Agenor                                          – Member
  8. Ministry of Education, Science & Tech.      – Member
  9. Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry  – Member
  10. National Board for Technical Education    – Member
  11. Mbawuese E. Iorliam                                      – Member


  1. Samuel Tar Iyornumbe                                – Ag Rector
  2. Mbawuese E. Iorliam                                   – Registrar
  3. Fanen Abagu                                                 – Principal Assistant Registrar
  4. Sasha Uwua                                                   – Ag Bursar
  5. Hyacinth Buluku                                          – Librarian
  6. Komboh David Orngu                                 – Dean School of Bus. Mgt and Admin
  7. Tsavmbu S. Sesugh                                      – Dean School of General Studies
  8. Adagi Augustine                                           – Dean School of Engineering, Science & Tech.
  9. Yima Gire                                                       – Ag HOD Computer Science/Statistics
  10. Adi Collins                                                     – Ag HOD Business Administration and Mgt
  11. Samuel I. Meera                                            – Ag HOD Mass Communication
  12. Beeka Gabriel                                                – Ag HOD Library & information Science
  13. Achiv Denen                                                  – Ag HOD Marketting
  14. Josiah Mlan                                                  – Ag HOD Computer Engineering
  15. Kasha Tion                                                    – Ag HOD Accounting
  16. John Collins                                                 – Ag HOD Electrical/Electronic Engineering Tech.
  17. Haanongu Bernamin                                 – Ag HOD Science Lab. Tech.



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