Matriculation speech as Presented by the Rector



The Proprietor & Chairman of Governing Council,

Distinguished Members of Council,

Principal Officers of the Polytechnic,

Distinguished scholars and Guest,

Beloved Members of the Polytechnic Community,

Distinguished Parents and Guardians,

My Lords, (Spiritual and Temporal),

Traditional Rulers,

Gentlemen of the Press,

Matriculating students,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you all to Gboko Polytechnic Gboko, a centre of Academic excellence in Gboko, the North Central part of Nigeria

This morning, we gather here in this arena to celebrate yet another epoch in the life of this institution and we sincerely thank the Almighty God in whose infinite mercies and grace we have been able to come this far.

As I look round this arena, my happiness over flows in leaps and bounds at the sight of such a large number of young men and women who have decided to make a difference in their lives by joining the Gboko Polytechnic family. A family built on strong values of trust, love, hard work, dedication and above all the fear of God.

We are indeed happy that you, our students have today taken a bold step in chatting a positive course to your destinies (education) which from time immemorial has remained the bastion of progressive development of all individuals in the society.

I strongly felicitate with the families, friends and well wishers of our dear Matriculating students and heartily congratulate you for the wonderful opportunity you have averred yourselves as student of this great citadel of learning which undoubtedly remains the epitome of knowledge, morality and decency within Benue state and its environs.

Ladies and gentlemen, with delight and pleasure right from the bottom of my heart, I welcome you all to the fourth matriculation ceremony of Gboko Polytechnic Gboko.

I want to use this opportunity to take you down the memory lane on the dream/vision behind this institution, Gboko Polytechnic. The dream behind the establishment of Gboko Polytechnic Gboko was conceived, nurtured and translated into action in 2013 by Elder B.H. Achiatar Ph.D. When this Polytechnic took off, not many people were optimistic that it will develop at such a supersonic speed. This fear was of course born out of the fact that, the project is capital intensive and a daring venture, but with the untiring efforts of the proprietor, Elder B.H Achiatar, these fears have been overcome and today Gboko Polytechnic is not just a reality but indeed an embodiment of academic excellence that has continued to wax stronger and stronger by the day.

On this note, I want to commend the courage, faith and vision of the Governing Council Members of Gboko Polytechnic for their dogged commitments that has made this project realizable.

I must not forget to mention here that, despite the Polytechnic’s meteoric rise to greatness; it was confronted with some sad events which we will never forget in a hurry. On the 20th May, 2016, the Polytechnic lost one of her Governing Council Members, in person of Arch. Jephthah Asagh Ikyase to the cold hands of death. And as days went by and the institution was trying to put the broken pieces together and forge ahead, another shocking incident was again recorded. This time, it was the demise of the Rector and Council Member of the Polytechnic, Professor Godwin Tyoapine Abari on the 26th October, 2016.

The unexpected exit of these two Heroes of progressive development has created a wide vacuum in the Gboko Polytechnic family. Yet they

died nobly; they are the Heroes of our noble crusade for development of knowledge and human dignity.  I strongly believe that wherever they are now, the celebration of today will also Gladden their hearts for this was what they stood and died for. May their Gentle souls rest in perfect peace.  Amen.

This Polytechnic enjoys a very comfortable standing with the State and Federal Ministry of Education and of course the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). After two years of NBTE Facility accreditation at Gboko Polytechnic in August 2015, the Polytechnic was issued with an operating license to officially and fully operate as a private Polytechnic in Nigeria. A very wonderful achievement within such a very short period of operation.

Today, Gboko Polytechnic is not only registered as a private Polytechnic but is also enlisted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) as a recognized private tertiary institution in the country. This is no mean feat to attain. All these are made possible by the untiring efforts of our proprietor & Chairman Governing Council Elder B.H Achiatar Ph.D whose visionary stand has resulted to the success so far recorded.

If you look around the campus, you will discover that a magnificent storey building which was not there last year is gallantly standing behind you and this is a mark to prove that the Polytechnic is not relenting on infrastructural developments. Modalities are in top gear to mount many more courses both at (ND) and (HND) level to accommodate the yearnings of the public for the introduction of more courses.

The Polytechnic has so far turned out two sets of graduates (i.e 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic session). Most of our graduates are today gainfully employed in both public and private sectors of the economy and are positively contributing to the development of the nation in diverse spheres, thus fulfilling the philosophy, goals and objective of the establishment of this institution

With the unweavering commitment of the proprietor and his Governing Council Members, the Management and entire staff of this Polytechnic,

hopes are very high that we shall continue to turn out men and women who will develop a strong fear of God and whose attitude can stand a true test of time.

As moulders of character and builders of society, we know and understand exactly what parents’ want for their children and we are ready to give it to them to the best of our capabilities, but we beg to solicit the cooperation of both parents and guardians in this challenging task.

Gboko Polytechnic is an arena where the fear of God reigns supreme and we are indeed committed to high moral and academic standards in line with our motto: “service for God in humanity”. We therefore emphases discipline and spiritual development since spiritual indiscipline and emptiness will lead to lawlessness, lack of integrity and hopelessness in life.

In view of these, we implore you, our students to obey the rules which are in place for your own good.

My matriculating students, I want to leave you with a charge here: “Remember where you came from, where you are, and what lies ahead of you. Be wise, for only the wise have the past to tell, but the foolish never want to be reminded of their past. Develop your life today in a manner that you shall not be ashamed of talking about it sometime in your life. Attend your classes, respect yourselves, your lecturers and peers, study hard and shun cultism, sexual misbehaviour, examination malpractices and other nefarious activities”.

If you aim high, and fear God, no righteous ambition that you have will ever escape you.

To the parents and family members here presents, it will be an understatement to tell you that I am overwhelmed by the encouragement and support you are giving to your children/wards, in spite of this trying time everybody in our county is going through. Education is the only legacy you can bequit to your children. Structures many collapse, money may be exhausted and wealth may varnish but an

educated child ever remains an assert, not only to himself but to his entire society.

Finally I want to assure you that Gboko Polytechnic is a home away from home and will act in “loco parentis” and we will do our best under God to take care of your children as children given to our custody by God.

I wish our new students a successfully stay and God blessing in Gboko Polytechnic, FOR LEARNING IS BETTER THAN SILVER AND GOLD

Long live Gboko Polytechnic

Long live Benue State

Long live Nigeria



Engr. Samuel Tar Iyornmbe MNSE, MIMC

Acting Rector

Gboko Polytechnic


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